Adventure Points Edit

Adventure points can be earned by going into dungeons. Higher-level dungeons will provide you with more adventure points. The number of points that you can earn depends on how far you go into the dungeon.

Dungeons Edit

Old Town Remains Edit

Dungeon AP
Old Town Ruins 19
Ruins of Old Town 42
Ruins of Carnet 145
Forbidden Ruins 480

Forest Edit

Dungeon AP
Forest Trail 6
Deep Woods 19
Rabidfang Forest 42
Gehnna Forest 145
Miasma Forest 480

Mt. Dhorme Edit

Dungeon AP
Side Tunnel 19
Tunnel Remains 42
The Cave of No Return 145
Warlock Cave / Demon Cave 480

Deluxe Services Edit

Dungeon AP
Bagwell Forest 55
Vorugo Forest 1000

Bonus AP from Items Edit

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When exploring dungeons collecting some items rewards bonus AP. This is fairly random, but is boosted by having a pet Ihm on a premium profile. Higher level dungeons contain more higher level items and therefore will usually give more bonus AP.

Rainbow flowers give 50 bonus AP, but can only be obtained by visiting forest dungeons on Astral day. Again this is random, but by repeatedly visiting forest dungeons a player can collect 20-40 rainbow flowers (1000-2000 bonus ap) in one day.

There is no bonus item AP available from Bagwell Forest and Vorugo Forest.

Item AP (Work in Progress) Edit

Item Name Dungeon AP Notes
Rainbow flowers Forest Dungeons 50 Astral day only
Miellneu Peel Ruin Dungeons 1 Usually 3 per chest
Mosaic Plate Ruin Dungeons 2
Silver Screws Ruin Dungeons 3
Brass Cog Ruin Dungeons
Rusty Blade Mine Dungeons 3
Slimy Sphere Mine Dungeons 2
Opal Mine Dungeons 1
Flexible Bark
Unusual Ivy Forest Dungeons 2
Resin Pieces Forest Dungeons 1

Uses in JobsEdit

Applying to Become a Scholar Edit

Adventure points are crucial for being chosen to become a scholar. After applying the candidates who earn the most AP over the following year are chosen.

For more detailed information and advice, please visit the Jobs page.

Becoming an Imperial Knight Edit

Adventure points are also very important if you want to become an imperial knight. As you gather adventure points, your skill levels will increase. This is extremely useful, because you must battle against other citizens and win either first or second place in the Tournament to become a knight.

If you want to learn more information, please visit the Jobs page.

Salary Edit

Your salary is based on your Work Points (WP) and Adventure Points (AP); though your salary will vary depending on what job position you hold. You will receive your salary on the morning of the 29th. Only your Work Points and Adventure Points from the 1st to the 28th will factor into your salary. Several jobs also give a fixed salary bonus (1k = 1000 bea).

Position Salary Calculation
Citizen 1.2 * WP
Farming Association
Association Manager (2.5 * WP) + 2.5k
Association Supervisor (2.75 * WP) + 5k
Association Deputy Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Association Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Roselle Imperial Knights
Imperial Cavalry (1.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP) + 10k
Imperial Knight (1.1 * WP) + (6.0 * AP) + 15k
Imperial Knight Captain (1.0 * WP) + (8.0 * AP) + 20k
Dhorme Mountain Corps
Corps Soldier (2.5 * WP) + (2.0 * AP)
Corps Captain (2.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP)
Corps Advisor no salary change
Corps General (2.0 * WP) + (5.0 * AP)
Galphin Scholar Association
Musketeer (1.2 * WP) + (4 * AP)
Scholar (1.1 * WP) + (6 * AP)
Scholar Guru (1.0 * WP) + (8 * AP)
Temple Work
M. Acolyte/F. Acolyte (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Priest/Curate (1.0 * WP) + 40k
Royal Family
Prince/Princess (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Prince/Princess Consort (1.0 * WP) + 40k
King/Queen (1.0 * WP) + 100k
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