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Skin Edit

4 types.
Skin Color

About the inheritance of skin color
The color of skin that a child is born with is the same color or intermediate color of one of their parent's skin.
How to change your skin color.
You can change it with Magical Makeup. When Magical Makeup is used before pregnancy, the appearance after change is inherited to the child.

Hair Edit

Hair Color Edit

Their are 9 normal hair colors, including gray hair, and there are 15 special colors.

About inheritance of hair color
The color of hair that the child is born with is generally one of the parents' natural hair colors.
* Dyed colors are not inherited by children.
How to change your hair color
Normal colored hair dye can be bought at the General Store in the Yano Market or at Caravan Co., while special colored dye is available at the Amber Trading Post. To change the hair color of family and friends, please talk to them while holding the hair dye.
If you want to return to the original hair color, dye with the same dye as the original color. If the dye of the original color is not sold in the store, or you want to make it gray after becoming an elder, use Hair Color Restorer (Amber).
Haircolor NormalHaircolor Special

Hair style Edit

There are 8 normal styles, and 4 special styles.

How to change your hairstyle
You can change someone's hair style with the Barber's Kit. If you have a Hair Catalog, hair styles 9 to 12 will be unlocked. To change the hairstyle of family and friends, please talk to them while holding the Barber's Kit.
Man Woman
Normal Special Normal Special
Hairstyle Man Hairstyle Man SP Hairstyle Woman Hairstyle Woman SP
Boy Girl
Normal Special Normal Special
Hairstyle Boy Hairstyle Boy SP Hairstyle Girl Hairstyle Girl SP

Facial Hair Edit

Besides hairstyles, men may also grow facial hair as they age up.

Face Edit

The face is made up of the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. There are 30 types each, and the 30 types are classified into 6 groups.

About inheritance of face
The face of a child born is randomly inherited from one of their parent’s face groups. 
How to change your face
You can change it with the paid item, "Magical Makeup". If you wish change the face of a family member or a friend, you must talk to them and it will appear as a conversation option. When Magical Makeup is used before pregnancy, the appearance after the change is inherited by the child.

Male Edit

Eyebrows ManEyebrows Boy
Eyes ManEyes Boy
Mouth ManMouth Boy

Female Edit

Eyebrows WomanEyebrows Girl
Eyes WomanEyes Girl
Mouth WomanMouth Girl

Baby Eyes Edit

The following image is an estimate of what type of eyes will happen when the baby grows up.

A (Thin eyes)B (Black eyes)
Eyes Baby1Eyes Baby2
C (Blue eyes)D (Eyelashes)
Eyes Baby3Eyes Baby4

Mutation Edit

Mutations were not bugs, they were intentionally incorporated into the system. However, the mutation system was removed in the update on the 3rd August 2017.

Mutation do not occur to the child, of the pregnant character, after app updating.

Note: If you did not use hair dyes or magical makeup, but mutation occurred, please contact the developer.

Example Edit

Hair color is one side, skin is either neutral color, face is one of the groups.

  Parent A   Parent B   Child
Hair Color Black x Red = Black or Red
Skin Type 1 Type 4 Type 1 - Type 4
Eyebrows A 1 B 6 A (1 - 5) or B (6 - 10)
Eyes C 11 D 16 C (11 -15) or D (16 - 20)
Mouth E 21 F 26 E (21 - 25) or F (26 - 30)
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