Bea is the main form of in-game currency, that you use to buy various things. It can be earned in many different ways.

Earning Edit

  • Completing quests
  • Selling items
  • Job salary
  • Asking for Pocket Money (children only)

Use Edit

Money Making Tips Edit

  • Fishing and gathering both make decent amounts of money very early on, but quests and salaries are much better.
  • If you repeatedly visit the ruins of old town and old town ruins dungeons you can collect seeds worth five hundred bea each and you can collect ten + per day, that's five thousand bea per day, or one hundred and fifty thousand per year, (If you are a member of the Scholars or Knights with added the money from AP this could be a real winner!)
  • Farmers have the best earning potential in the game. With enough grinding (fishing, collecting, growing crops, making curds, and trading all goods for earning wp), you can easily make three thousand to five thousand WP per day as a farmer; comfortably reaching the yearly cap of one hundred thousand; So at the end of the year you can earn a two hundred and fifty thousand bea salary, $£$ KACHING $£$ (or even more, as you increase in rank).
  • The King receives a salary of one hundred thousand bea guaranteed, plus a direct trade on all work points.
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