The Council consists of representatives of each organization. The members are the King, the Chairman, and 4 Councilors. Councilors receive the title of "Elder.”

Meeting Edit

Council meetings are held in the Council Chapel at AT 1 on the designated date. Each policy is decided based on the Councilors' votes. If Councilors oppose the proposal, another policy will be chosen (it doesn't seem like the player can directly affect which other policy is chosen, though). The decided policy will be posted on the Council bulletin (accessible from the Kingdom tab in the menu).

Day 3: This year's policy statement Edit

Proposer: Imperial Knight

  • Enhance quality of life (Give a generous budget to the academic industry. Tax cut on foodstuffs.)
  • Emphasize the military (Give a generous budget to the military. Tax cut on military supplies.)
  • Bolster the farming industry (Give a generous budget to the farming industry. Tax cut on farming supplies.)

Day 11: Education Policy Edit

Proposer: Scholar

  • Learn with precision and speed
  • Instill with strength and endurance
  • Cultivate a just, and intellectual mind

(Education Policy affects the lesson schedule at Natall School)

Day 19: Military Budget Usage Edit

Proposer: Mountain Corps

  • Aid in purchasing processed goods
  • Martial Arts Promotion Grant (Martial Artists aka Military are awarded on the 20th, an even larger grant will be given out if the kingdom policy is 'Support Martial Arts')
  • Funding of Elnea Cup prize money (A better Elnea Cup prize +?)

Day 27: Work Budget Usage Edit

Proposer: Farmer

  • Aid in Purchasing harvested goods
  • Farming Promotion Grant (Farmers are awarded the grant on the 28th, even larger grant will be given out if the kingdom policy is 'Support Farming')
  • Incorporate into Harvest Festival Budget (The tavern serves Harvest Meals +?)

Day 30: Council Chairman Election Edit

Moderator: Priest

The chairman will be determined by the vote of the representative of each organization. Another high ranking member of the organization will take the place of the representitive who is elected as chairman.

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