DLCs are downloadable contents that can be bought and added to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. They are not available for the Mobile version. ShopsNS

DLC Price (USD) Contents Release Date
Challenge Dungeon "Hellfire Lair" $7.99 This is a special dungeon that you can challenge through the Elnea Castle Warp Gates. September 20, 2018
Challenge Dungeon "Sunken Ruins" $7.99 This is a special dungeon that you can challenge through the Elnea Castle Warp Gates. December 6, 2018
Jade Ancestral Garb Set $2.99 A traditional outfit with fresh colors reminiscent of Summer. Set for adults and children. April 26, 2018
Luxury Wedding Attire Set $4.99 Male Old-Fashioned Coat and Female Luxury Lace Wedding Dress in Blue, Pink, and White Colors. March 15, 2018
Summer Wedding Attire Set $4.99 Seaside, Sunset, and Night Sea Wedding Attire June 14, 2018
Our Majesty's Black Armor $2.99 Special Royal Armor set color June 07, 2018
Warrior's Black Clothes Set $3.99 Black Steel Knight Armor, Black Leather Soldier Garb, and Black Scholars' Uniform June 07, 2018
Black Ancestral Garb Set $3.99 Black Ancestral Garb, Child's Black Ancestral Garb Set July 5, 2018
Emerald Summer Dress Set $3.99 Emerald Summer Dress, Emerald Outing Clothes August 30, 2018
Citrus Summer Dress Set $3.99 Citrus Summer Dress, Citrus Outing Clothes September 6, 2018
Southern Attire Set $4.99 Southern Noble Attire: White, Southern Kid's Formalwear: White September 13, 2018
Forester's Garb $2.99 Forester's Garb October 11, 2018
Moss Green Sweater Set $2.99 Moss Green Sweater, Moss Green Kid's Sweater October 18, 2018
Dark Rose Sweater Set $2.99 Dark Rose Sweater, Dark Rose Kid's Sweater
Set of Nalulu Kingdom outfits $3.99 Nalulu Outfit: Sakura, Nalulu Outfit: Jade November 8, 2018
Set of red furniture and clothes $4.99 [Clothes] Comfy Crimson Knight Clothes, Crimson Ancestral Garb, Child's Crimson Ancestral Garb [Interior] Vace: Norma, Flower: Norma, Tea Time Set: Norma, Mantel Tableware: Norma, Mantel Flowers: Norma November 15, 2018
Noel set $4.99 [Clothes] Noel Outfit [Epuiment] Reindeer Antlers, Noel Wreath, Noel Waist Ribbon [Interior] Noel Tree, Noel Wreath November 29, 2018
Navy Devon Coat Set $2.99 Devon Coat: Navy, Kid's Felt Coat: Navy December 13, 2018
New Year's Set $2.99 New Year Formal Wear, Red & White Suikan, Mirror Ihm December 27, 2018
Yano Market Clothing Set $2.99 Yano Market Clothing, Kid's Yano Market Clothing, Kid's Yano Market Summer Wear January 10, 2019
Charcoal Devon Coat Set $2.99 Devon Coat: Charcoal ,Kid's Felt Coat: Charcoal January 17, 2019
Orient Mail $2.99 Orient Mail January 31, 2019
Chocolate Outfits Set $2.99 Elegant Chocolate Dress, Elegant Kid's Chocolate Dress, Chocolate Garb, Child's Chocolate Garb February 7, 2019
Chocolate Accessories Set $1.99 Chocolate Crown, Ruban (chocolat)
Black Wings Set $3.99 Black Angel Wings, Wings of Ena February 21, 2019
Latte Uniforms Set $2.99 Checkered Uniform: Latte, Checkered Outfit: Latte March 7, 2019
Set of Sakura furniture and clothes $3.99 [Clothes] Traditional Attire: Sakura, Sakura Wedding Attire, Comfy Sakura Knight Clothes, Checkered Uniform: Sakura, [Epuiment] Royal Flower Crown, Shrine Flower Crown March 21, 2019
Spring Outfits Set $2.99 Lugdell Clothes: Blue, Spring Lugdell Kid's Wear: Cy., Spring Lugdell Kid's Wear: Red, Spring Lugdell Kid's Wear: Grey April 4, 2019
Traditional Green Outfit $2.99 Traditional Green Outfit April 25, 2019
White-Winged Outfits Set Free [Clothes] White-Winged Heavenly Garments, [Epuiment] White-Winged Face Wrap, White-Winged Waist Wrap May 2, 2019
Glasses Set A $1.99 Wellington Glasses and Square Frames March 15, 2018
Glasses Set B $2.99 Silver Frame Monocle, Black and Red Half Frames August 23, 2018
Headshroom Set $2.99 Rogh Headshroom, Mallo Headshroom, Inber Headshroom June 21, 2018
Bear Set $3.99 Back Bear, Baby Bear, Honey Bear Ears June 28, 2018
Ihm Ihm Set $4.99 Child's Ihm Knapsack, Ihm Knapsack, Ihm Ear Earmuffs, White Jumbo Stuffed Ihm, Cocoi Suit July 19, 2018
Guiding Butterfly Wings $2.99 Guiding Butterfly Wings July 26, 2018
Small Demon Wings Set $3.99 Small Demon Wings: Black, Small Devil Wings: Red October 4, 2018
White Wings Set $3.99 White Angel Wings, Wings of Sol November 1, 2018
Interior set for farmers $1.99 Small Milk Churn, Empty Barrel: Wheat, Small Desk: Fishing, Stacked Baskets, Poto Potato Basket, Vegetable Basket, Pom Fruits Basket April 26, 2018
Antique Furnishings Set $2.99 Tattered Kingdom Map, Small Chest, Wooden Chest,Ornate Chest, Wine Barrel, Brandy Cask July 12, 2018
Banner Set $3.99 Banner: Roselle, Banner: Galfin, Banner: Dhorme, Banner: Farm, Banner: Regal, Banner: Shiznee August 9, 2018
Hair Dyes
Hair Dye Set A $1.99 Light Brown, Creme, Lavender, and Cherry Blossom Hair dyes March 15, 2018
Hair Dye Set B $1.99 Pink, Turquoise, Blue Silver, and White Sand Hair dyes May 31, 2018
Hair Dye Set C $1.99 Sandy Blond, Dark Brown, Violet, and Abyssal Green Hair dyes June 07, 2018
Hair Dye Set D $1.99 Chestnut, Chocolate, Night Sky, and Inferno Hair dyes June 14, 2018
Cosmetics set $3.99 Magical Makeup and Hair Catalog March 15, 2018
High Speed Anklet Set $1.99 Anklet of Light and Anklet of Hermes March 15, 2018
+4 save slots (adds 4 additional save data slots) $3.99 An additional four save slots, bringing the total to eight. May 10, 2018
Ihm Color Set $2.99 White, Pink, Mint, Ice Blue, Cream, Lavender, Graphite July 19, 2018

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