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"Deluxe Service" is an extended function of time limit. When you purchase a Deluxe Card from a paid item shop, you can use the extended function.

ItemGemsEffect time / Real time
Deluxe Card Deluxe Card12030 days (720 hours).
7 Days Deluxe Card 7 Days Deluxe Card407 days (168 hours).

Features Edit

Outfits Log Edit

You can save combinations of costumes and equipments to the exclusive function "Change Costumes/Equipment".

Harvest All / Tend to All Edit

You can look after your crops or harvest any produce that is ready for harvesting. Tap on these buttons to tend to them, or harvest them, in one single operation.

Auto collecting Edit

When you gather or mine while the Deluxe Service is active, the character will continue gathering or mining for you automatically. If a monster appears while gathering, Auto-Combat will be initiated.

Changing costumes from the "Character Details" screen Edit

You can change your charachter's costume from the new "Costume" button in the "Character Details" screen. Thanks to this, your friends will be able to check out your new outfits and costume changes.

Incubator Edit

Allows crops to grow in real time.

Meaning, crops will grow even when you are not playing the game. This allows you to harvest crops with very little in-game time being wasted.

Furnishing Edit

Allows you to furnish the home of close friends or family within the kingdom.

Auto Explore Edit

Automatically go through a dungeon stage without having to manually stop for traps or treasures.

Divine Bolt and Bladestorm Edit

When you defeat a Bagwell in the Bagwell Forest, you will have a small chance of earning special AoE attacks.

New Dungeons Edit

View Dungeons for more info

Bagwell Forest

  • Only those with the tile of 'Dragoon' and the current ruling monarch may enter.

Vorugo Forest

  • Any adult or child may enter.

Hellfire Lair

  • Any adult of child may enter.

Sunken Ruins

  • Any adult or child may enter.

Perks: Edit

  1. Better Content from Daily Login (ex. two muscle hall lottery tickets).
  2. Summon Phomos for 30 min (25 min longer)
  3. Ability to plant in all flowerbeds.
  4. Pet Ihm/Dungeon exploration with Ihm.
  5. Able to wear different costumes/accessories.
  6. Have an advantage in enhancing weapons (multiple shards per slot).
  7. Caravan Shop delivery time is cut in half.
  8. Warp Magic is free
  9. Detailed Family Tree
  10. Guiding butterfly can be utilized to track anyone from within Resident Registry.
  11. By using Passwords, you can have other users' PC as travelers in your kingdom/server.
  12. You will be able to change clothes on the characters registered in your "Character Slots"
  13. Privilege to use Auto Explore to venture through dungeons.
  14. Incubator will allow you to plant crops (see 'Incubator' above for more details).
  15. Furnish other residences.
  16. Vorugo Forest will become available for both adults and children.
  17. Character's costume can be changed from the new "Costume" button found in the 'Character Details' screen (implemented with the new game update - August 9, 2018).
  18. Auto Collecting allows you to gather or mine automatically, and if monsters appear Auto-Combat will also be initiated.
  19. Harvest/Tend to All has been added to the Field Management screen, which can tend or harvest all crops planted in a single operation.
  20. Outfits Log allows you to save combinations of costumes and equipments to your "Change Costume/Equipment" function.
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