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Q. Maintenance?
A. Maintenance schedules are posted in [News]=>[What's New] in the main menu. If maintenance has not been scheduled, but your game says it is still under maintenance, try to contact the developer.
Q. The game won't start, what should I do?
A. Please contact the developer.
Q. I found a bug/glitch. What should I do?
A. Please contact the developer.
Q. How can I contact the developer?
A. Mobile ver:You can contact developers from [Title screen] => [Support] => [Contact], or [News] => [Contact]. If you cannot open the game please contact the email address listed on the developer of the Google play store.
Nintendo Switch ver:You can contact from the developers corporate site.
Q. How do I set up a user account?
A. Go to Settings, then press Create Username And Password.
Q. How do I play with a new device?
A. Set up an account on old device and run [Setting] => [Logout]. After installing the game with new device, please execute [Title screen] => [Support] => [Enter Account] and enter the preset account and password. Do not forget to add check mark at that time.
Q. What do I do if forgot my account name or password?
A. Please contact the developer. They will give you a hint for your account name and password. [Title screen] => [Support] => [Contact]
Q. Can I play with multiple accounts on the same device or emulator?
A. Multiple accounts on one mobile device is not supported by the developer. In some cases an account ban will be given. Please check the official inquiries for details. [Title screen] => [Support] or [News] => [Contact]
Q. What is Time Skip?
A. It is a function that can be used to speed up time in the kingdom. It recovers 1 notch every 30 minutes. It takes 12 hours to fully recover the notches (24 notches).
Q. Is this game an MMO?
A. No, it's a one-person game. All characters living in the country, other than you, are NPCs.
Q. Why does my kingdom has different citizens living in it than my friend's does?
A. Elnea Kingdom has eight possible initial states. The foundations of the country are the same, but the living citizens are different. Related page: Initial States

Where is this?

Q. Where do I find this place?
A. Check the Places page or the Map. A lot of places can be accessed through the Fast Travel Screen. The Fast Travel Screen has shortcuts for all the dungeons you can access.
Q. Where do I find this person?
A. Wiala is at the Tavern. Miara is at the Library. You can easily fast travel to your friends by using a Guiding Butterfly from the Friends screen. If you buy deluxe services, you can fast travel to anyone in the kingdom through the Resident Registry.
Q. Where do I find seeds?
A. Most seeds can be bought from the Work Store. Gheat wheat seeds are sold in the Farm common area during Seed Sowing Day (25th). Peppi, garoni, pyrus, and lapelle seeds are loot drops in forest dungeons (occasionally also dropped in the other dungeons). Peppi: Deep Woods and Rabidfang Forest; Garoni: Rabidfang Forest and Gehnna Forest; Pyrus and Lapelle: Gehnna Forest and Miasma Forest. Plant them to grow crops. Related page: Held Items: Types (seeds).
Q. Where do I find minerals, fossils, relics, fruit, fish, and eggs?
A. You get minerals and fossils from mining, relics from logs, zel fruit and bowa fruit from herb patches, and fish from any body of water you can fish from. Eggs can be obtained from dungeons of Forest Trail or Deep Woods. A lot of the rare items you get from mining and gathering (especially for Wiala and Miara's quests) just require A LOT of luck and patience. Check the following pages for more info: Items, Mining, Gathering, Fishing.
Q. It says my child needs to find a 'gift of the goddess' for school homework. A) What's is that? B) Where can I find it? C) Is it an exclusive 'harvest-festival only' item?
A. It is an item that only children can look for. It looks like a Pom fruit with a floral pattern on it and it is acquired from a grassy or fallen tree on the 8th.
Q. Where do I get Red Peppi, Yellow Cabba, Round Pyrus, and Black Lapelle?
A. These are uncommon crops that you can sometimes get when you harvest Peppi, Cabba, Pyrus, and Lapelle. It's random, so there's nothing you can do except wait and see if you get lucky when you harvest them. Tending your crops frequently increases your chances.
Q. Where do I get weapons?
A. You can buy them, get them as rare loot from boss monsters, or earn them by getting certain titles or promotions. Check the Weapons page for more details.
Q. Where do I get weapon skills?
A. You can get them as rare loot from boss monsters, or receive them along with a military-exclusive weapon. Higher difficulty dungeons will drop higher level skills.
Q. Where do I get materials for weapons, bait, etc.?
A. Most materials are dropped as dungeon loot. Check the Special Items: Materials page for more information. Silver Fang is dropped by the monsters you encounter when mining. Vermilion Rhizome is dropped by the monsters you encounter when gathering from logs. Rainbow Whiskers sometimes are dropped by the monsters that disguise themselves as Moffs.
Q. What is the Get Skill Training Area?
A. This feature became available after the maintenance on July 3, 2017. Related Pages: Skill Academy
Q. Where can I get Home Decor?
A. This feature became available after the maintenance on May 29, 2017. You can purchase interior furniture at the General Store in Yano Market or at the Amber Trading Post. You may decorate your own home. If you wish to decorate all the houses in the kingdom, you need to buy the deluxe service.
Q. How do I collect the Light Flowers? Every time I get near them, they disappear.
A. Whether the glowing object is a Waf Bug or a Light Flower is random. You won't know until you get close. If it is a Light Flower, the option "Pick Up" should appear when you get close. If it is a Waf Bug, it will disappear and you'll have to look somewhere else or leave the area and then come back.
Q. Where are Moffs?
A. They should spawn in the forest (from Riverside Forest to Hunting Trail) and at the Aqueduct. If not, your game may need an update.
Q. Where can I find Gjorr Herbs?
A. The Caravan Co.
Q. Where can I obtain Amber?
A. Amber is obtained from the Tailor Shop or Recycle. Items you get at the Tailor shop (Costume Gacha) can be recycled. You can get Tailor Coupons from the daily reward if you don't want to pay for them.
Q. Where do I get Gibble?
A. The Sales or Conversion of Gibble is located in the upper-right corner of the Tavern where there are bottles of wine. Sales period: 1st - 4th of White night. Payout Period: 22nd - 29th of White night.


Q. How do I change a face / hair color /hair style?
A. Check the Appearance page.
Q. How to put on / off costumes and equipment?
A. Tap the Ihm in the Official information.
Q. How can I change a character's personality?
A. You can change it with the paid item, "Heart Candy". To change the personality of family and friends, talk to them while holding the Heart Candy and it will appear as a conversation option. You can also change your child's personality to some extent with toys, but each toy only has a small chance of changing your child's personality. If you want to save time and effort, use Heart Candy (paid item). You can find additional information on the Personality page.
Q. What do the talents do?
A. Check the Talent page.
Q. What will happen once my stay is over?
A. From MT 1 the day you left the country, you will land in the same country, you as a traveler. A. Items, skills, money, weapons and so on. Friendships list are not inherited.
Q. What happens when the player character dies?
A. Check the Character page.
Q. What is the Passport?
A. Passport is system that stores character data on server. Characters saved on the server are managed by password. Players subscribed to the Deluxe service can invite characters (NPC) to their country using Passwords.
Q. What is a Character Slot?
A. Character slot is the storage place of character you operated. Up to 3 people can be stored free of charge. You can use it in the Battle Arena, or call it to the event dungeon.
Q. The mood of my character is hitting bottom. How do I get rid of the black vertical lines?
A. When you eat food or go through the dungeon stage, the black vertical line disappears.

How do you join...

Q. The Mountain Corps
A. You must marry the first born child of a mountain corps family and take their surname and live in the mountain corps village.
Q. The Scholars Association
A. Register as a scholar at the library, and complete the trial. Registration is between the 29th and 1st.
Q. The Farming Society
A. If you earn lots of work points, you will be chosen to join the farmers at the start of the following year.
Q. Knight (Imperial Knights Guardsmen)
A. Win the knights entry tournament. Registration is at the parade grounds.
Q. The Priests
A. Check the Jobs page for more info.
Q. The Royal Family
A. Your son or daughter must marry the eldest child or grandchild of the current king/queen.
Q. How do I quit a job?
A. Check the Jobs page for more info.

Married life

Q. Can I get married with someone of the same gender?
A. It is impossible. Same gender marriage is not implemented in this game.
Q. Can you get a divorce, or get remarried if your spouse dies?
A. After engagement you cannot divorce or remarry, even if you use a paid item. Please check Relationships about how to break up before your engagement.
Q. Can I use Flame Of Passion to make a married person single?
A. It is impossible. Look at the official paid items page.
Q. There is "Date Today" in the status of the partner in another place, is this an affair?
A. That is not the affair. "Date today" is displayed when character moves automatically with someone. Let's ask developers to change notation.
Q. Is it possible to get married? If so, how?
A. After you have became someone's partner and have gone on enough dates, you can get married. You may eventually get the choice to propose to them. It will come up as a chat / dialogue option.
Q. How do I have a baby?
A. Once you are married and in your house with your spouse, you will get the option "get closer" when you speak with him/her. You will then get three other options; one of them being along the lines of "don't you want kids/children?". Choose this option, and if you spouse says yes, you should expect pregnancy. If you are a female you should be able to check you status to see if you are and the option to tell your husband about the pregnancy when you speak to him. If you are a male your wife should tell you about the pregnancy. You can check your calendar for the due date. The day will have an image of a baby on it.
Q. Where is my baby?
A. If you are having problems finding your baby, walk around your beds until you see "talk" pop over your head. This will tell you where your baby is. Pick it up and it will become visible again.
Q. When can I take control of my child?
A. The earliest that you can switch control to your child is when they begin school. After Passing Down, you can not return to the original character or change to another one of their children. Relationships
Q. When my child started school, it gave me the option to switch to her. I accidentally clicked 'later' but I'm afraid I won't be able to switch to her now. Can I still switch to her and if so, how?
A. You have the opportunity to switch until she graduates from school. Try talking to her at home. You should see a switchable option.
Q. What is inherited if I switch to child?
A. Items, skills, money, weapons and so on. Friendships and stats are not inherited.


Q. How do I become a citizen?
A. Complete Miara's quest that asks you to save up 5000 bea. Talk to her once you have the money and she will take care of your citizenship application. You will also receive a home in the Fountain District.
Q. Who will inherit the kingship?
A. Check the Jobs page.
Q. How do you invite your partner or dear friend on an adventure?
A. Repeatedly speak to them until they accept. Then select the dungeon that you wish to go to.
Q. How do you become close friends?
A. Continue talking to a person after becoming their friend and you will eventually get the option to ask them to become closer friends. You can become close friends with either gender, too. Please view Relationships for more information.
Q. Where is the Council chapel? I have a meeting there, I'm Farming Society deputy, will it automatically take me to the meeting, or do I have to go to the chapel?
A. If you are a participant, automatically warp. Otherwise you need to go to the Council of Parliament. The place of the Council of Parliament is located in front of Elnea Castle. At the lower right is the Council of the Capitol, and the lower left is the cloth mill.
Q. How do you make an Ihm your pet?
A. You need to give it an Ihm Bond. In the mobile version, they are obtained from the paid item store. In the Switch version, they are quest rewards.
Q. I'm part of the farming community. How do I distribute wheat to people and plant my own?
A. Place the required amount of wheat seed on the ground and collect it later. Then you can plant on the farmland. Be careful not to let the wheat seed be stolen by other citizens or an Ihm.
Q. How can I move to a different district?
A. Go into the district you want and walk up to one of the houses. Click "View Nameplate". If it's an empty house, it will either tell you how many bea you need to pay for the house or tell you what job you must have to live there. Some houses are only for people with certain jobs.
Q. What happens if my match is on the same day as my childbirth?
A. The match takes precedence. You will be transported to the match venue before being transported back home to give birth.


Q. Can I become a mod / admin of this wiki?
A. Ask this question directly to one of the mods / admins who posted most recently, if you are a good quality contributor, you will be chosen.
Note: Admins can grant mod status, but only bureaucrats can grant admin status.

Current bureaucrats: Wildheart970, Bhagad, Jenshayyle
Current admins: Falbot36, Cy02
Current mods: AxiniteCrest

Q. What can I do to help around here?

  1. Read the Guidelines page
  2. Read over pages for spelling errors.
  3. Answer Questions and put them on the Q & A page.
    Guide the questioner to the relevant page and add it if there is no information on that page.
  4. Add information, images, and pages.
  5. Save and start another game to collect data for Initial States.
  6. Talk to an Admin with ideas for templates, ect.
  7. Add categories to things related to Elena Kingdom.
    Pages: World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom
    Images: Images and World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom Images

How to categorize images.
If you upload images related to Elnea Kingdom, copy and paste the following code into [: Summary]. When the upload is completed, it will be automatically categorized.
[[Category:World Neverland: Elnea Kingdom Images]]
If you uploaded images using editor tool, you can put in a category from bottom the file page.
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Q. How do I put the details of my character on my profile?
A. Copy and paste the syntax from the template and edit the text inside. Template:Elnea Character Details

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