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"Furnishing Lottery" is a service that was added after maintenance on July 3, 2017. Furnishing Lottery can be accessed from [Main screen] => [Lottery]. The prizes that are offered are Furniture and Amber.

Furnishing Lottery Ticket are sold at paid item shop.

Drop Rate Edit

Base Rate Furnishing Lottery Ticket x1 or x5 Ticket Furnishing Lottery Ticket x10 Ticket

List Edit

Please add the furniture images decorated at home or the result screen here, and add icons and descriptions to Held Items: Interior.

Wall ★1 Edit

Stuffed Ihm Shelf, Stuffed Coco Shelf, Entz Star Shelf, Red Deep Autumn Wreath, Yellow Deep Autumn Wreath, Green Deep Autumn Wreath, Wall Candle Holder

Wall ★2 Edit

Phomos Shelf, Bear Shelf, Stuffed Bagwell Shelf, Stuffed Rabis Shelf, Red Withered Wreath, Yellow Withered Wreath, Green Withered, Wall Lantern

Wall ★3 Edit

Ihm Bear Shelf, Bagwell Phomos Shelf, Rabis Cocoi Shelf, Harvest Tapestry: Black, Harvest Tapestry: White, Ornate Banner: Roselle, Ornate Banner: Galfin, Ornate Banner: Dhorme, Ornate Banner: Farm, Ornate Banner: Regal, Ornate Banner: Shiznee

Furniture ★1 Edit

Ornamental Chair: Book, Ornamental Chair: Towel, Ornamental Chair: Doll, Side Table, Jumbo Bear, Firewood Bundle

Furniture ★2 Edit

Ornamental Chair: Stuffed Ihm, Laced Side Table, Pink Jumbo Stuffed Ihm, Cream Jumbo Stuffed Ihm, Ice Jumbo Bear, Pink Jumbo Bear, Orange Jumbo Stuffed Bagwell, Navy Jumbo Stuffed Bagwell, Yellow Jumbo Stuffed Bagwell, Empty Barrel: Books, Empty Barrel: Plant, Small Desk: Linen, Small Desk: Vegetable Basket, Chest: Roselle, Chest: Galfin, Chest: Dhorme, Chest: Regal, Chest: Farm, Water Jug and Pail: Regal, Water Jug and Pail: Roselle, Firewood Rack, Wooden Candlestand

Furniture ★3 Edit

Small Bear Chest, Wooden Ihm Chest, Jumbo Panda, Black Candlestand, White Candlestand

Tabletop ★1 Edit

Tabletop ★2 Edit

Pom Platter, Yellow Withered Wreath Candle, Green Withered Wreath Candle, Potted Plant: Roselle, Potted Plant: Royal, Potted Plant: Dhorme, Potted Plant: Farm, Potted Plant: Galfin, Potted Plant: Shiznee, Vase: Roselle, Vase: Regal, Vase: Dhorme, Vace: Farm, Vace: Galfin, Vace: Shiznee, Flower: Roselle, Flower: Regal, Flower: Dhorme, Flower: Farm, Flower: Galfin, Flower: Shiznee, Tea Time Set: Roselle, Tea Time Set: Regal, Tea Time Set: Dhorme, Tea Time Set: Farm, Tea Time Set: Galfin, Tea Time Set: Shiznee

Tabletop ★3 Edit

Pancake Tower

Mantel ★1 Edit

Doll Mantel, Entz Mantel

Mantel ★2 Edit

Bear Mantel, Ihm Mantel, Phomos Mantel, Red Withered Mantel Wreath, Yellow Withered Mantel Wreath, Green Withered Mantel Wreath, Mantel Tableware: Roselle, Mantel Tableware: Regal, Mantel Tableware: Dhorme, Mantel Tableware: Farm, Mantel Tableware: Galfin, Mantel Tableware: Shiznee, Mantel Flowers: Roselle, Mantel Flowers: Regal, Mantel Flowers: Dhorme, Mantel Flowers: Farm, Mantel Flowers: Galfin, Mantel Flowers: Shiznee

Mantel ★3 Edit

Mantel Bear Set, Mantel Ihm Ihm Set, Phomos Mantel Set, Mantel Plate: Roselle, Mantel Plate: Regal, Mantel Plate: Dhorme, Mantel Plate: Farm, Mantel Plate: Galfin, Mantel Portrait: Roselle, Mantel Portrait: Regal, Mantel Portrait: Dhorme, Mantel Portrait: Farm, Mantel Portrait: Galfin, Mantel Portrait: Shiznee