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Held Items: Types (seeds)
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Held Items: Food
Name In Game Description Found Cost Sale Price
Zawa Worm A bug which hides under rocks in rivers. Used as fishing bait. caught when fishing n/a 4 (worth 4wp)
Anything bait
Anything Bait Cheap bait, sold on the fact that is can 'catch anything', but that's just a scam. Work Store 2 1
River pro hg
River Pro HG Bait that's effective at catching large fish. Has a great cost-benefit ratio. Work Store 4 2
River king getz
River King Getz Used to catch large fish Work Store 6 3
The big z
The Big Z Bait that makes it easier to catch rare fish. Named by the merchants. Work Store 15 7
Shinzos buddy
Shinzo's Buddy Use this bait to catch the 'taste of spring', shinzo. Work Store (Spring) 8 4
Rago master a
Rago Master A This bait will catch the juiciest rago for steak! Work Store(Summer) 8 4
Fall bahna extreme
Fall Bahna Extreme The best bait to catch the fattiest 'taste of winter' bahna! Work Store


8 4
Cool popago
Cool Popago Winter is the season of the popago! Plenty to be had with this bait! Work Store


8 4
River star rx
River Star RX A secret weapon to catch fish only heard about in rumors. Work Store 10 Bea, 2 Slimy Sphere 5
Demon assault f
Demon Assault F Your best bet to get a nibble from fish only heard of in legends! Work Store 20 Bea, 1 Miellneu Peel, 2 Opal 10
Matra fighter
Matra Fighter Bait used for the Harvest Festival fishing tournament. Used to catch matra. Work Store (Harvest Festival only) 10 10
The mirage x
The Mirage X An mysterious bait. Used to catch rare fish of all kinds. quest reward 10
The big z
Huge Haul All-Star DX A type of bait used to catch various rare fish, such as Ancient Fish. Bought (Fertas' Blessing) 2 Puff-Puff, 400 Bea 1
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