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Held Items: Fish
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Held Items: Fashion
Name In Game Description Found Cost Sale Price
Gheat Flour
Gheat Flour A small packet of gheat flour. Grocery Store 5 3
Salted Matra
Salted Matra Salted Matra. Grocery Store 10 5
Gjorr herbs
Gjorr Herbs Wild grass with a peculiar scent. Used for flavoring. Caravan Co. n/a 10
Rogh mushroom
Rogh Mushroom Fancy mushroom originating from overseas with a unique scent. Caravan Co. n/a 10
Egg A cocoi egg found in the forest. Dungeons, Dropped by Bocoi in Phomos Forest n/a 5
Cake Set
Cake Kit A set of basic ingredients necessary for making cakes. Grocery Store 100 10
Garamsala A spice that is the base ingredient for Ramsala. Raises each stat by 4,000 EXP. Caravan Co. 1,000 (2 Jasper Piece, 3 Silver Screws) 500
Green Tea
Green Tea Powder used in Wa tea. It has a deep, robust flavor. Grocery Store x2 Miellneu Peel, 150 bea 35
WorldNeverland Elnea Kingdom
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