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Name In Game Description Found WP Value Sale Price
Puff-Puff A flower with a bud that looks like a hairball. Often used for ornamental purposes. Gathering (Fertas' Blessing) None 20
Truff Mush
Truffmush A mushroom with a unique flavor. Gormands love it. Gathering (Fertas' Blessing) None 20
Light flower
Light Flower A flower that only blooms on Astral Day. Lucky item. Pick Up from the ground on Astral Day n/a 50
Rainbow flower
Rainbow Flower A flower given by the Sacred Beast only on Astral Day. Forest dungeon loot on Astral Day n/a 100
Poto potato
Poto Potato A potato that is delicious when baked or boiled. Farm 17 9
Pomalo A delicious vegetable used in various recipes, from salad to stew. Farm 17 9
Panay A tough, fragrant, and leafy vegetable. Farm 26 15
Cepa A bulb vegetable with a spicy flavor. Tastes sweeter onced cooked. Farm 26 15
Cucur A simple, fleshy vegetable. Looks like a sponge inside. Farm 26 15
Peppi A bland vegetable with a distinctive scent and bitter flavor. Not popular with children. Farm 31 18
Red peppi
Red Peppi A spicy variety of peppi that grows occasionally. Used in soup or as a spice. Farm 43 25
Green cabba
Green Cabba A young cabba sprout with a refreshing taste. Farm 34 20
Yellow cabba
Yellow Cabba A matured cabba with a bland taste. Used in soups. Farm 43 25
Garoni A tough, oily vegetable known as the 'meat of the earth'. Farm 50 30
Pyrus A refreshing, yet bitter, acidic fruit. Used as a seasoning or to make juice. Farm 43 25
Round pyrus
Round Pyrus A large, tough, and refreshing sweet and sour fruit. Farm 58 35
Red lapelle
Red Lapelle A sweet and sour fruit. Used in desserts and jam. Farm 43 25
Black lapelle
Black Lapelle A rare fruit which gives a status buff when adventuring. Farm 121 75
Punkin A vegetable covered by a hard find. It’s very sweet, and tastes like a potato when boiled heavily. Farm n/a 20
White Cocoi Bean
White Cocoi Bean A bean shaped like a Cocoi. Has strong sweetness compared to Green beans. Farm n/a 5
Green Cocoi Bean
Green Cocoi Bean A bean shaped like a Cocoi. Used in many types of cuisine. n/a 3
Twistroot A crunchy bulbous vegetable. Just don't focus too much on how it looks! Work Store, Log (Phomos Forest) 20
Paletato A very sweet potato. It can be dried and crushed into flour. Work Store, Log (Phomos Forest) 20
Garb herbs
Garb Herbs Nice smelling wild grass, widely used to flavor dishes. Gather (bushes) 3 2
Nagun seed
Nagun Seed A small wild grass seed. Used to clear away odors because of its strong scent. Gather (bushes) 3 2
Mallo mushroom
Mallo Mushroom A round mushroom commonly used in cooking. Gather (fallen logs) 5 3
Pol mushroom
Pol Mushroom A thick, juicy, black mushroom with an amazing flavor. Gather (fallen logs) 6 4
Bowa fruit
Bowa Fruit A sweet and sour fruit which can be picked from spring through summer. Gather (bushes), dungeon loot (Forest Trail) 3 2
Zel fruit
Zel Fruit A fragrant and delicious fruit seen on trees from fall through winter. Gather (bushes), dungeon loot (Forest Trail) 3 2
Aque leaves
Aque Leaves Bitter leaves, mainly used to purify dye. Gather (fallen logs) 2 1
Dadan herbs
Dadan Herbs Medicinal herbs with an invigorating effect. Gather (fallen logs) 3 2
Topin herbs
Topin Herbs Medicinal herbs with a sedative effect. Gather (fallen logs) 6 4
Ignis mushroom
Ignis Mushroom A poisonous mushroom used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 10 7
Inber mushroom
Inber Mushroom A very poisonous mushroom used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 13 10
Mallee flower
Mallee Flower A thorny flower used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 19 15
Gjorr herbs
Gjorr Herbs Wild grass with a peculiar scent. Used for flavoring. Caravan Co. n/a 10
Rogh mushroom
Rogh Mushroom Fancy mushroom originating from overseas with a unique scent. Caravan Co. n/a 10
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