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An Ihm is a monster/creature that can be found wandering around the kingdom. They are special and, like Wiala and Miara, they will not die.

Ihms will eat anything left on the ground. You can sometimes find an Ihm Pie when gathering from herb patches but they will make you dirty upon being picked up.

Ihms can be taken to dungeons as a partner. It does not fight for you as a pet, but it will help you acquire more chests during exploration.

The books in the library mentioned that they burrow underground and grow into trees. The baby Ihms then hatch from the fruits of those trees. Another book also mentioned that they were created by the gods to be servants and soothe the people.

Names Edit

In any initial kingdom, there are twelve different Ihms, all sharing the same set of names. Their name will stay the same unless you change it.

  • Tama
  • Ihmpyon
  • Ihmru
  • Ihmra
  • Manana
  • Ihmemon
  • Ihmpe
  • Ihmko
  • Ihmnosuke
  • Ihmpu
  • Maru
  • Ihmta

Items Edit

Ihm Bond Ihm Bond Edit

An Ihm Bond will allow you to tame an Ihm as a pet. It will sleep in your house and come to you for food or a cuddle/pat. Pet Ihms can also be taken to dungeons and they will increase the number of chests you receive.

After you have passed down on to your next generation however, pet Ihms will become wild and you will need to tame it again using another Ihm Bond. This is also the only way to release Ihms back to the wild.

The Ihm Bond can be purchased for 10 gems in the Mobile version (paid item). In the Nintendo Switch version it is given out as rewards for completing quest (quest rewards).

Scroll 1 Ihm Name Tag Edit

With an Ihm Name Tag you can change the name of your pet Ihm. You can get an Ihm Name Tag through a daily reward.

Ihm Color White Ihm Color Edit

An Ihm can change into seven colors: White, Pink, Mint, Ice Blue, Cream, Lavender, and Graphite. Talk to your pet Ihm while holding this item to change its color. The colors can be bought at the Amber trading post in the Mobile version, or as DLC in the Nintendo Switch version.

Ihm Colors
Ihm Color Pink Ihm Color: Pink Ihm Color Mint Ihm Color: Mint Ihm Color Ice Blue Ihm Color: Ice Blue
Pink Ihm Mint Ihm Ice Blue Ihm
Ihm Color Cream Ihm Color: Cream Ihm Color Lavender Ihm Color: Lavender Ihm Color Graphite Ihm Color: Graphite
Cream Ihm Lavender Ihm Graphite Ihm

The default color of an Ihm is white. So using an Ihm Color: White will change its color back to white again.

Sakura Phomos Suit Ihm Suits Edit

Ihm Suits are costumes that you can put on your Ihms. It is obtainable from the Tailor Shop at random chance in the Mobile version, or from the DLC in the Nintendo Switch version.

Stuffed ihm toy Ihm-Shaped Items Edit

There are a number of items in the game that are shaped like Ihms. They range from toys, costumes, or even food.

Ihm Snacks Edit

In the Nintendo Switch version there is an item called Ihm Snack. When you feed an Ihm using the snack, it will give you an item in return. Each Ihm can be fed up to twice a day.

It is highly recommended to feed the Ihms using the Ihm Snack, as they can give you some nice items that would otherwise only be obtainable by certain jobs. For example, the Flowers in the Temple Atrium (Acolyte) or Royal Green House (Royals). You will need the flowers if you want to complete certain quests given by the shops at Castle Street.

Ihm Snack Ihm Snacks can be bought from the Work Store at Yano Market for 10 bea and 2 Phacos.

Image Item Normally Found
Garb herbs
Garb Herb Gathering - Grass
Nagun seed
Nagun Seed
Bowa fruit
Bowa Fruit
Nezal Herbs
Nezal Herbs
Guiding Butterfly
Guiding Butterfly
Mud ball
Mud Ball Gathering - Grass (Child only)
Saria flower
Saria Flower
Snail shell
Snail Shell Gathering - Fallen Logs
Stained glass fragment
Stained Glass Fragment
Nume Mushroom
Nume Mushroom
Nose beetle
Nose Beetle Gathering - Fallen Logs (Child only)
Tricorn beetle
Tricorn Beetle
Pentacorn beetle
Pentacorn Beetle?
Aque leaves
Aque Leaves Gathering - Fallen Logs (Scholar/Phomos Forest only)
Dadan herbs
Dadan Herbs
Topin herbs
Topin Herbs
Ignis mushroom
Ignis Mushroom
Inber mushroom
Inber Mushroom
Coal Mining
Iron ore
Iron Ore
Hacca stone
Hacca Stone
Desert rose
Desert Rose
Parvus fossil
Parvus Fosssil
Bird stone
Bird Stone Mining (Children only)
Ihm stone
Ihm Stone
Glasses stone
Glasses Stone
Papillias Flower
Papillias Flower Royal Greenhouse
Trimilla Flower
Trimilla Flower
Carria Flower
Carria Flower
Branbium Flower
Branbium Flower
Adai Flower
Adai Flower
Weelia Flower
Weelia Flower Temple Atrium
Rahmila Flower
Rahmila Flower
Palon Flower
Palon Flower
Flan Flower
Flan Flower
Lily Bulb (White)
Pill Bug
Rolly Bug
Gemo Bug?
Grass Bug
Grass Bug
Dead Leaf Bug?

Trivia Edit

  • Each Ihm has a specific place in the kingdom that they will go to and sleep at every night between the hours of 2NT and 4NT.
  • In the Mobile version, Ihms are around the size of a female character's body, while in the Switch version, they are only about the size of a character's head.
  • If an Ihm has been re-named and released back to the wild later on due to the player passing down to the next generation, its name will remain as is.

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