This article is about Iron Bars. For an article on the Steel variant, see Steel Pipe.

Obtaining Edit

The only way to obtain Iron Bars is by crafting them as a member of the Mountain Corps. To craft them, approach the anvils at the Blast Furnace and select "Craft Goods". If you have 1 or more Iron Ingots, you'll be able to craft Iron Bars.

Uses Edit

Iron Bars' sole purpose is to make money by either selling them of delivering them to a supply house to increase your salary at the end of the year.

Delivering a set of Iron Bars to a Supply House gives 13 Work Points. This is much more than if you were to deliver the Iron Ore or Iron Ingots that were used in the process to craft the Iron Bars, which would give 1 and 2 Work Points respectively.

Iron Bars can also be sold, though this is not recommended, regardless of your salary. Iron Bars are only sold for 7 bea, which is considerably less than the profit made from delivering them. Even if your salary only gives WPx1, you still make almost twice as much money delivering them.

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