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There are three main types of items in the Kingdom of Elenea: Owned Items, Costume/Equipment, and Special Items. Each is split into its own further categories.

Owned Item(s) Edit

Held items are items which can be held in your hand. Many of them can be sold or traded in for Work Points.

Costumes / Equipment Edit

Costumes and Equipment are items that can be put onto you or other NPCs throughout the kingdom. They can change the appearances of your character, but have no benefits or issues. They can be obtained from the Tailor Shop.

Special Item(s) Edit

Special items cannot be sold or traded for work points, although some of them can be traded at the Caravan Co.

  • Combat - Support and healing items used in dungeons and duels
  • Materials - Items needed to create weapons and other objects; mostly used to trade for special goods from Caravan Co.
  • Other -
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