In World Neverland Elnea Kingdom, there are four main jobs and four sub-jobs for each career:

Note: if you want to enter an area specific to one job, you can use a disguise or trial cloths to temporarily change your job. (These are free of cost only once, after that it will cost amber)

Note: you do not need to quit being a farmer to become a knight or a scholar

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Your salary is based on your Work Points (WP) and Adventure Points (AP); though your salary will vary depending on what job position you hold. You will receive your salary on the morning of the 29th. Only your Work Points and Adventure Points from the 1st to the 28th will factor into your salary. Several jobs also give a fixed salary bonus (1k = 1000 bea).

Note: Your WP per year is capped at 99,999.

Position Salary Calculation
Citizen 1.2 * WP
Farming Association
Association Manager (2.5 * WP) + 2.5k
Association Supervisor (2.75 * WP) + 5k
Association Deputy Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Association Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Roselle Imperial Knights
Imperial Cavalry (1.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP) + 10k
Imperial Knight (1.1 * WP) + (6.0 * AP) + 15k
Imperial Knight Captain (1.0 * WP) + (8.0 * AP) + 20k
Dhorme Mountain Corps
Corps Soldier (2.5 * WP) + (2.0 * AP)
Corps Captain (2.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP)
Corps Advisor no salary change
Corps General (2.0 * WP) + (5.0 * AP)
Galphin Scholar Association
Musketeer (1.2 * WP) + (4 * AP)
Scholar (1.1 * WP) + (6 * AP)
Scholar Guru (1.0 * WP) + (8 * AP)
Temple Work
M. Acolyte/F. Acolyte (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Priest/Curate (1.0 * WP) + 40k
Royal Family
Prince/Princess (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Prince/Princess Consort (1.0 * WP) + 40k
King/Queen (1.0 * WP) + 100k

Farmer SymbolFarmerEdit

  • Weapon: Any / Dungeons: None
  • Base: Farm St / Promotion Attribute: Work Points

Recruitment: Earn Work Points and then wait until the end of the year. After that, you will soon become a Farmer. It is a good idea to earn at least 2k just to be safe.

Job Description Edit

Milking and taking care of Rudders (cattle) and cleaning the area of their Rudder pies, making cheese, and helping with the wheat and pom fruit harvests.

The more work points you earn, the higher your rank will be as a farmer. The highest scoring farmers gain a promotion at the end of each year. Five people with few work points among the Farm Managers are dismissed. You can check the work points of farmers on the Farm St. bulletin board.

The right to run the shop at Harvest Festival: A person who won the most work point in the Association Manager last year. You can sell items on Harvest Festival day at the yellow workbench found in Fountain Plaza.

*Note: You will only rank up one rank every promotion, even if you have the most workpoints that season.

Ranks. (From lowest to highest)

  1. Farm Manager / Salary Yearly: work points x 2.5, plus a guaranteed bonus of 2500 bea
  2. Farm Superintendent
  3. Farm Deputy Representative
  4. Farm Representatve
Recipe for curds
Item Material
Curds Rudder Milk (SM) x4
Rudder Milk x1
High Quality Curds High-Quality Rudder Milk x1

Quit Farmer Edit

  • Knight: Regardless of your position, you can still apply.
  • Scholar: Regardless of your position, you can still apply.
  • Citizen: Skip work, or use Dismissal Agent Disguise. (Using a Dismissal Agent Disguise will also take you off the applicant list if you've applied to become a scholar)

Knight SymbolKnight (Imperial Knights Guardsmen)Edit

  • Weapon: Sword / Dungeons: Forest
  • Base: Elnea Castle / Promotion Attribute: Do well in the Guardsmen tournament.

Recruitment: Come in the finals for the Cavalry Tournament, which takes place between the 5th and the 23rd. Apply for the Tournament at the noticeboard at the Parade grounds between the 1st and the 4th. If you win first or second place, you will become an Imperial knight the following year. You cannot apply for the Tournament during White Night year. You can apply for the Tournament even if you currently hold the Scholar job.

Job Description Edit

They shear Moffs and create fabrics from wools.

Recipe for fabrics
Item Material
Moff Wool Fabric Moff Wool x2
Fine Moff Fabric Fine Moff Wool x2
Saffron Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Rhamila Yellow x1

Grape Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Rose Violet x1

Regal Green Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Regal Green x1

Willy Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Flan Olive x1

Scarlet Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Ignis Red x1

Inber Blue Fabric

(Nintendo Switch)

Fine Moff Wool x3

Inber Blue x1

Note: On the Nintendo Switch version, job associated decor can also be created if one has experience from that job -- needs more info and confirmation

Quit Knight Edit

  • The Imperial Cavalry who lost their first battle at the Guardsman Tournament and have low adventure points are dismissed. (Except White Night Year)
  • If you are not a member of the council, you can become a citizen if you wear Dismissal Agent Disguise during the following period.
Normal year: From the closing ceremony until the 27th.
White Night year: If you are not participating in Elnea Cup, from 1st to 27th. If you are participating in the Elnea Cup, it will be until the 27 th after all your matches (including battle of Bagwell) have ended.

Mountain Corp SymbolMountain CorpsEdit

  • Weapon: Axe / Dungeons: Mt. Dhorme
  • Base: Blast Furnace / Promotion Attribute:

Recruitment: Marry the eldest child from a Mountain Corps family. Only the eldest child can inherit the Mountain Corps. If you marry someone other than the eldest child, they will become a citizen after the marriage took place.

As a member of the Mountain Corps you will be able to mine certain ores and enter specific dungeons.

Note: You will not be able to move houses or change job upon becoming a member of the Mountain Corps.

If you no longer want to play as a Mountain Corps, there are 3 known ways to do so:

1) Play your current character until he/she dies. You will become a traveler after the death.

2) Pass down to your 2nd (or later) child and marry out of the Mountain Corps family. You will become a normal citizen after marriage.

3) [Most difficult option] Pass down to your 1st child. However, since the 1st child is the successor to your family, you will need to pass down the position to the 2nd (or later) child. To do so, the 2nd (or later child) must be an adult and you will need to have a lover.

Some of the following text refers to the Japanese wiki.

The position of Corps Captain is inherited from the parent to the first child. If the first child is engaged/married, or the active captain is 18 years of age or older, inheritance ceremonies will be possible.

When a Corps Captain dies without a child, the successor of that house is chosen from the kingdom. The successor will be as follows:

  • The second child (married) of other mountain house.
  • Unmarried citizen whose hometown is not a mountain corps.

*Update Ver. 2.1.4 - In the event that a Corps Captain dies while their successor is still a minor, their partner will inherit the captaincy instead.

Job Description Edit

Mine ores in the mines and create various wares at the blast furnace.

Recipe for crafts
Item Material
Iron Bar Iron Ingot x1
Steel Pipe Steel Ingot x1
Sheet Iron Iron Ingot x2
Silver Plate Silver x1
Iron Sword Iron Ingot x3
Sheet Steel Steel Ingot x2
Cheese Pizza Gheat Flour x1

Cheese x1

Steel Sword Steel Ingot x3
Gold Goblet Gold x1
Pol Mushroom Pizza Cheese Pizza x1

Pol Mushroom x 1

Pomalo Pizza Cheese Pizza x1

Pomalo x1

Honey Pizza Cheese Pizza x1

Royal Honey x1

Gaien Pizza Cheese Pizza x1

Gaien x1

Spicy Pizza Cheese Pizza x1

Red Peppi x1

Terrom Bracelet Terrom x1
Perfume Bottle Ruby x1
Silver Teapot Silver x2

Ruby x1

Ruby Box Ruby x2

Silver x1

Jewel Box Sapphire x1
Sapphire Decanter Gold x2

Sapphire x1

Sapphire Censer Sapphire x2

Gold x1

Terrom Cutlery Sapphire x2

Terrom x1

Terrom Defense Weapon Terrom x2

Rainbow Gem x1

Rainbow Navigation Lamp Rainbow Gem x2

Terrom x1

Quit Mountain Corps Edit

  • If you are not the first child, you can move from the mountain by marrying citizens (except royalty). This will allow you to do other jobs or enter the royal family in the next generation.
  • The first child can give the position of the Corps Captain to the second child only if he has a lover (citizen or farmer) and the second child is adult.

Scholar SymbolScholarEdit

Application period
Year 01 29 30
1. Normal ✔︎
2. Normal ✔︎
3. Normal ✔︎ X
4. White Night X ✔︎
  • Weapon: Magun / Dungeons: Old Town
  • Base: Scholars Association / Promotion Attribute: Adventure Points

Recruitment: Go to the Scholars Association Hall. There will be a desk on the left side of the room. You can apply between the 29th and the 1st. (It is advisable to apply as soon as possible as the applicant list can fill up, after which no more applications will be accepted for that year.) To move up the leader board, you have to get adventure points during the period from the 2nd to the 28th following your application. If you make the top three on the list of applicants, you will be chosen to be a scholar. (Costume change should occur on the 1st)

Note: you may not apply on White Night Year

Job Description Edit

As a Scholar, your job is to explore the ruins around Old Town, collect herbs and fungi from fallen logs, create medicines and dyes, and collect artifacts. The more adventure points you earn, the higher your rank will be as a Scholar.

If your annual rank is high enough (top four), you can be chosen as a candidate for the Scholar Guru election. If you win the election, you will become the Scholar Guru for the next year. If there is a tie, the person with more AP will be chosen. When you vote for yourself, you may become a Scholar Guru.

According to the Japanese wiki, without the experience of Mountain Corps it seems that it is impossible to make yellow dyes. We are looking for information from users who can make it.

Recipe for medicines/dyes
Item Material
Dadan Extract Dadan Herbs x3
Topin Powder Topin Herbs x2
Garang Paste Topin Herbs x5

Aque Leaves x2

Ignis Red Ignis Mushroom x5

Aque Leaves x2

Inber Blue Inber Mushroom x5

Aque Leaves x2

Rose Seed (Blue)

(Nintendo Switch)

Rose Seed (White) x1

Inber Mushroom x1

Rhamila Yellow

(Nintendo Switch)

Rhamila Flower x3

Lale Bulb (Orange) x1

Rose Violet

(Nintendo Switch)

Carria Flower x3

Rose Seed (Red) x2

Flan Olive

(Nintendo Switch)

Flan Flower x3

Boffid Seedling x1

Note: "Regal Green" on Nintendo Switch is not craftable by scholars, but can be purchased from Caravan Co, for 1,000 bea + Citrine x2 + Adai Flower x1.

Quit Scholar Edit

  • If you want to be a knight, you do not need Dismissal Agent Disguise.
  • If you want to be a farmer or citizen, skip the job and lower the rank or wear Dismissal Agent Disguise.

Priest Symbol Priest Edit

  • Weapon: Any
  • Base: Temple

Recruitment: The Priest/Curate inherit from their predecessors. "One Guided by Shiznee" is necessary. The predecessor (NPC) searches for successors as death approaches. If the Priest/Curate are single and have a partner, they will look for successors to pass on their position before they marry their respective partners.

Requirements: Must be second generation or later. Position is citizen or farmer. Must have a high relationship with the priests.

Priest (male)
Job Description: Besides normal work, teach children in the school, and host many different events.
Curate (female)
Job Description: Besides normal work, teach children in the school, and Midwife and Moderator of the Ena Contest.
M. Acolyte (male)/F. Acolyte (female)
Job Description: In addition to normal work, do surrogate in the absence of Priest/Curate. Also, if the Priest or Curate are busy due to critical illnesses or childbirth, M. Acolyte and F. Acolyte can take their place.

They need to stop working in order to marry a lover, and at that time they will look for successors. If you are a candidate for successor, they will inherit Acolyte work to you. Similarly, you will have to search for a successor in order to quit your job as Acolyte.

Conditions: Unmarried and not engaged from second generation onwards. Position is citizen or farmer. Has a high relationship with the current Acolyte. It is possible to be offered the position if your friendship level is 'Close Friend' with the current Acolyte.

When becoming Acolyte you will earn the title of "One Guided by Shiznee".

Job Description Edit

They make perfumes by collecting the flowers in the temple.

Recipe for perfumes
Item Material
Weelia Extract Bottle Weelia Flower x1
Fine Weelia Extract Bottle Fine Weelia Flower x1
Rahmila Extract Bottle Rahmila Flower x1
Fine Rahmila Extract Bottle Fine Rahmila Flower x1
Palon Extract Bottle Palon Flower x1
Fine Palon Extract Bottle Fine Palon Flower x1
Flan Extract Bottle Flan Flower x1
Fine Flan Extract Bottle Fine Flan Flower x1
Spring Extract Weelia Perfume Oil x2
Early Summer Extract Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Gentle Extract Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Palon Perfume Oil x1

Early Spring Extract Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Flan Perfume Oil x1

Midsummer Extract Rahmila Perfume Oil x2
Late Summer Extract Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Palon Perfume Oil x1

Passionate Extract Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Flan Perfume Oil x1

Fall Extract Palon Perfume Oil x2
Late Fall Extract Palon Perfume Oil x1

Flan Perfume Oil x1

Winter Extract Flan Perfume Oil x2
Spring Essence Fine Weelia Perfume Oil x2
Early Summer Essence Fine Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Fine Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Gentle Essence Fine Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Fine Palon Perfume Oil x1

Early Spring Essence Fine Weelia Perfume Oil x1

Fine Flan Perfume Oil x1

Midsummer Essence Fine Rahmila Perfume Oil x2
Late Summer Essence Fine Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Fine Palon Perfume Oil x1

Passionate Essence Fine Rahmila Perfume Oil x1

Fine Flan Perfume Oil x1

Fall Essence Fine Palon Perfume Oil x2
Late Fall Essence Fine Palon Perfume Oil x1

Fine Flan Perfume Oil x1

Winter Essence Fine Flan Perfume Oil x2

Quit Priest Edit

You can inherit the position of Priest/Curate to a person with "One guided by shiznee" at any time.
M. Acolyte/F. Acolyte
If you talk to a citizen of the same gender (single), you will have the option to offer Acolyte inheritance.

Royalty Symbol Royal FamilyEdit

  • Weapon: Any / Dungeons: Royalty may enter up to five star dungeons as a prince/princess and can enter all dungeons as a king/queen.
  • Base: Castle Grounds / Promotion: None

Recruitment: Marry the crown prince/princess. Spouses of younger princes/princesses do not become royalty.

Note: You may not marry royalty in the first generation of life.

Job Description Edit

  • Picking honey and flowers from the royal greenhouse.

Crown Prince/Princess ceases his previous job when he becomes king. King's spouse can do both job as it is without retirement. In that case, the salary paid to the king's spouse is calculated by another job.

If the prince and princess do not live in Royal Chamber, it does not apply to "(1.2 * WP) + 20k" of salary table.

Greenhouse Items list
High-Quality Honey
Carria Flower
Papillias Flower
Trimilla Flower
Branbium Flower
Adai Flower

Inheritance of Kingship Edit

The inheritance of the kingship is basically only the first child. But when the first child dies without children, the throne is inherited by their sibling. Also, if there are no sibling, new king is formed randomly.

👑King ━ Spouse
┣👑Crown Prince/Princess ━ Spouse
┃  ┃
┃  ┣👑First Child ━ Spouse
┃  ┃
┃  ┃  ┗👑First Child
┃  ┃
┃  ┗Second Child
┗Royal Prince/Princess ━ Spouse

Quit Royal Family Edit

  • If you are the Royal Prince/Princess, the crown symbol disappears by marriage or moving from the Royal chamber.

Empty SymbolStudent Edit

  • Weapon: Any / Dungeons: You can only go to Forest Trail, and Vorugo Forest (if subscribed to the Deluxe Service).
  • Base: Natall School

Recruitment: Automatically recruited from the year the child turns 3 y/o.

Job Description Edit

A child must attend school for a few years while doing homework, and they grow up upon graduation.

Note: You will not get any money at the end of the year since you cannot get work points as a child.

Empty Symbol CitizenEdit

After completing a couple of quests in the Tutorial and paying the necessary fee of 5000 bea, a Traveler can become a Citizen. Citizens do not have any specific job roles, but are still paid at the end of each year based upon the number of work points they have earned.

Please click here for more information

Empty Symbol TravelerEdit

At the start of the game, a new character is a Traveler from a distant land who is visiting the Kingdom of Elnea. Follow the Tutorial Quests if you wish to become a citizen.

Travelers live in the tavern and may only stay in the kingdom for a year. A player also has the option to persuade a traveler to stay in the kingdom and become a citizen. To do this, they will need to buy a citizen application for 5000 bea from Caravan Co. If the traveler accepts the application, they may end up being a citizen the next day. It also happened to be that if you become dear friends with a traveler, they will become a citizen.

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