Mineable rocks can be found all throughout Mt. Dhorme Mine. As a member of the Mountain Corp, you can mine things that you can't with any other profession. The only exception to this in Phomos Forest, where it is possible for anyone to unearth some of these precious ores.

You may mine more items by advancing in Miara's quests. If you cannot find the target item, you may want to raise your base ability or try mining during Phomos summoning time.

Mining Edit

Item Description Work Points Sale Price
Coal A rock that lights when heated. Used as fuel for fireplaces in the past. 1 WP 1 Bea
Lucidum stone
Lucidum Stone A stone that shines in dark places. Used as markers on dark roads in the past. 2 WP 2 Bea
Silver (Mt. Corps only) Shiny precious metal. Soft and easy to process, but tarnishes. 4 WP 5 Bea
Gold (Mt. Corps only) The king of metals. Soft, heavy, and slow to deteriorate. 6 WP 10 Bea
Ruby (Mt. Corps only) Red ruby used in items like accessories in many lands. 45 WP 40 Bea
Sapphire (Mt. Corps only) Rare gem as blue as the deep sea. Used in expensive jewelry. 110 WP 100 Bea
Iron ore
Iron Ore (Mt. Corps only) Ore that contains Iron. Can be refined to make steel or iron. 2 WP 1 Bea
Hacca stone
Hacca Stone (Mt. Corps only) Stone that catches fire when struck. Used when smelting iron ore. 3 WP 2 Bea
Terrom (Mt. Corps only) Strong, long-lasting metal. Perfect for weapons, hard to process. 30 WP 25 Bea
Rainbow Gem
Rainbow Gem (Mt. Corps only) Rare, rainbow-colored gem, supposedly used as offerings long ago. 220 WP 200 Bea
Parvus fossil
Parvus Fossil A fossil with a lot of small patterns on it. 3 WP 3 Bea
Shellfish fossil
Shellfish Fossil The fossil of a large, spiral-shelled creature. 5 WP 5 Bea
Cursus lizard fossil
Cursus Lizard Fossil A fossil of what seems to be an ancestor of the bagwells. 32 WP 50 Bea
Procul crucis fossil
Procul Crucis Fossil A fossil of what seems to be an ancestor of the phoenix. 60 WP 100 Bea
Magna Fish Fossil
Magna Fish Fossil A fossil of a large, carnivorous fish that once ruled the ocean. 114 WP 200 Bea
Desert rose
Desert Rose A rose-like crystal said to form in deserts. 32 WP 50 Bea
Thunder egg stone
Thunder Egg Stone An egg-shaped stone with beautiful

geometric patterns inside.

60 WP 100 Bea
Snow stone
Snow Stone A bright, metallic mass with a faint cross-pattern. 114 WP 200 Bea
Raw magic mineral
Raw Magic Mineral Though synthetics are available, it's natural form is rare. 272 WP 500 Bea
Half-beast Torso
Half-beast Torso The fossilized torso of a half-beast that existed ages ago. 220 WP 400 Bea
Half-beast Torso
Half-beast Skull The fossilized skull of a half-beast that existed ages ago. 294 WP 600 Bea
Half-beast Torso
Ancient Beast Skull The fossilized skull of a beast that existed ages ago. 532 WP 1000 Bea
Half-beast Torso
Ancient Beast Legs The fossilized legs of a beast that existed ages ago. 376 WP 700 Bea
Half-beast Torso
Ancient Beast Torso The fossilized torso of a beast that existed ages ago. 428 WP 800 Bea
Jadeite A beautiful green jewel. These are often turned into decorations. Fertas' Blessing N/A 20 bea

Encounterable Monsters Edit

Monsters Weakness Drops
Rockie Axe Silver Fang

Silver Fang x2

Silver Fang x3

Golbish (Gold Rush) ??? Small Gold Bars
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