When you take over for a new character, your new character will inherit their items, bea, and skills.
— Miara

Passing down to a new character is an important area of the game which will allow you to continue with your life in the Kingdoms of Elnea.

Passing down / Children / Future Generations Edit

When you pass down to your child, all your items, bea, and skills you have will be transferred over. Abilities, pet ihms, and items with unique functions will not be recovered.

While the transfer is taking place, you will be asked whether to recover costumes and equipment set from your current character. The option [As is] is no, and [Remove] is yes. This option is meant to provide you with a choice of whether to re-collect any costumes that is currently equipped on your current character, and has nothing to do with items, bea, or skills.

In the Mobile version you will also be prompted to save your current character into the Character Slot. No such option is available in the Switch version.

While you have the choice of not to pass down to your child, if your character has lived to their full lifespan and subsequently passes away, then you will restart as a new and first-generation character. The year and date of the kingdom will not be reset.

Upon completion of the transfer, your former character will turn into a regular NPC and will act on their own accordingly. There is no control over their actions and under certain conditions it will be possible for them to further conceive children with their respective spouse.

Please note that transferring/passing down is irreversible. You will not be able to transfer back to your former character after the completion of the transfer. No transfer can also take place between siblings once you have transferred to your child.

Sample schedule
Year DayAgePositionEventPass Down
Y193 D250babybirthimpossible
Y194 D251infantbirthdayimpossible
Y195 D252infantbirthdayimpossible
Y196 D12studentEnrollment ceremonypossible
Y196 D253studentbirthdaypossible
Y197 D254studentbirthdaypossible
Y198 D255studentbirthdaypossible
Y199 D15citizenAdult ceremonypossible

What gets Passed Down Edit

  • Achievements.
  • Bea.
  • Weapons and Skills (including its levels).
  • Items in your inventory and Special Items.
  • Costumes.
  • Lottery Tickets (Mobile version).

What doesn't get Passed Down Edit

  • Friend list.
  • Character's base abilities (i.e. Speed, Strength, and Spirit).
  • Adventure points and Work points.
  • Win-Loss records.
  • Enhancements (Mobile version)
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