Phomos Edit

Phomos is the sacred beast of Elnea Kingdom who, when summoned, makes it easier to collect good things while fishing, gathering, and mining. You can summon it by using an item under the [Sacred Beast] button at the top right of the screen. Phomos has a timed effect, which you can check with the gauge at the bottom of the button.While under this effect, bushes that you can gather from sparkle. The summoning items are avaliable at the Paid Items Shop as well as Daily Rewards. Phomos will also appear by themselves during some holidays.

Phomos Forest Edit

Phomos Forest is a place where you can go when Phomos is summoned, and contains infinite recources as well as stopping time in Elnea Kingdom while you are there. It can be accessed at the River Promenade. In this forest, you can pick up items that only experts can take. Time in the Kingdom does not change while you are in the Forest, but once you leave, time will immediately start moving again. The amount of time you are allowed in the forest depends on the item that is used to summon the Phomos.

Summoning Edit

At times a Phomos will appear on their own randomly, but other times you have to use items to summon it for a given time.

In White Night, summoning Phomos will last for 1 hour, spend it wisely.

Holy Horn Edit

Costs 30 gems

This item, when used, will summon the Phomos for one full hour in real time.

Holy Bell Edit

Costs 15 gems

This item, when used, will summon the Phomos for 30 minutes in real time.

Bell of Fertility Edit

Costs 8 gems

This item, when used, will summon the Phomos for 15 minutes in real time.

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