The Kingdom of Elnea has a wide variety of locations. These locations are split into three categories.

Map of Elnea Kingdom Edit

The map is a detailed guide of all Places in the game, from Fishing spots to Dungeons.

Elneakingdom map

Fast Travel Locations Edit

These are places to which you can fast travel to:


Your own home and farm, Wiala's Tavern, Miara's Library, and all of the Dungeons.


This is the place where parents and children can go together.
In the adjacent area [River Promenade], there is a fishing spot and entrance to Phomos Forest.

Riverside Forest Mountain Corps' Village

Mt. Dhorme Mine Description: Mt. Dhorme Mine is just north of the Mountain Corps Village. It is a great place to collect ore and train against low level monsters. 
Objects of Interest: The mine contains several ore rocks which can be mined to collect Coal and Lucidium Stone. The Mountain Corps can also collect ore and gems for crafting from the rocks.

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Royal Parade Grounds
Elnea Castle
Castle St. Natall School
Bathius Bath House Scolars Assoc.
Fountain Plaza Shiznee Temple

Weddings and various events will be held. The wedding reservation list is on the left desk.
Objects of Interest: Catacombs from the right staircase.

Fountain St. Yano Market
Towngate Square Old Town St.
Suburb St. Apothecary's Forest
Royal Arena

A place where the Imperial Guardsman Tournament and Elnea Cup will be held. Some positions can practice matches.

Farm St.

From here you can go to Orchard or Farm C to H.


Description: The Pasture is where you go to milk rudders (cattle)

Objects of Interest: Rudders, several bushes for harvesting.


Description: The Tavern is at the center of the Kingdom. It is the place where travelers rest and what they call home. It is also where all new characters begin their journey.

Objects of Interest: In the Tavern, you will find Wiala the Innkeeper, who will give you various quests. You can access the Food Shop by speaking to Wiala or going up to the bar.

Library Edit

Description: The Library provides information on the history and stories of Elnea Kingdom. A workspace for Scholars can be found in the basement. A dorm for the Master Scholar is located on the second floor.

Objects of Interest: Miara the Librarian gives quests. The Library is also where you can register to become a Scholar.

Dungeons Edit

Forest Mt. Dhorme Old Town Special
  • Forest Trail
  • Deep Woods
  • Rabidfang Forest
  • Gehnna Forest
  • Miasma Forest
  • Side Tunnel
  • Tunnel Remains
  • The Cave of No Return
  • Warlock/Demon Cave
  • Old Town Ruins
  • Ruins of Old Town
  • Ruins of Carnet
  • Forbidden Ruins
  • Bagwell Forest
  • Vorugo Forest
  • Hellfire Lair (NS)
  • Sunken Ruins (NS)

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Your Farm Edit

On your farm, you may grow crops, but flowers cannot be grown there.

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Everybody needs a place to rest their heads, and there are plenty of places to do just that!

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