In the mobile version of the game you can use real money to purchase gems which can then be used to purchase premium content.

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, most of thse items are bought from Caravan Co. or are recieved rewards for completing Quests.

These are not required in order to do well in the game and add small boosts and variety such as a few extra options with marriage, the introduction of pets, and boosted combat stats.

Gem Gems Edit

12 gems$0.99
50 gems$3.99
100 gems$6.99
200 gems$12.99
500 gems$29.99
900 gems$49.99

Rate examples are in USD.


In the Paid Item Shop, you can buy rare or special items with gems.
The Paid Item Shop can be located under the 'Shops' tab. Some items are also sold at Zircon Pebble Trading Post.

Price Currency = Gem(s)

Deluxe CardDeluxe Card120Grants you access to various deluxe services for 30 days.
7 Days Deluxe Card7 Days Deluxe Card40Grants you access to various deluxe services for 7 days.
Holy HornHoly Horn30Summon the sacred beast for 1 hour (real time).
Holy BellHoly Bell15Summon the sacred beast for 30 minutes (real time).
Bell of FertilityBell of Fertility8Summon the sacred beast for 15 minutes (real time).
River star rx Star Emperor XX ×50 150 Allows you to catch special fish at a high rate without relying on the power of Phomos.
The mirage x River Kaiser SP x50 40 The ultimate bait for any fish fanatic! Wanna catch a special fish? This is your bait!
Crystea SoilCrystea Soil x1120Magic soil to grow produce instantly. Cannot use on gheat.
Crystea SoilCrystea Soil2Magic soil to grow produce instantly. Cannot use on gheat.
Tailor CouponTailor Coupon x11300Can be exchanged for clothes or amber at the Tailor.
Tailor CouponTailor Coupon30Can be exchanged for clothes or amber at the Tailor.
Muscle Hall Lottery TicketMuscle Hall Lottey Ticket x11500You can use these tickets on Mystery Hall's lottery.
Muscle Hall Lottery TicketMuscle Hall Lottey Ticket50You can use these tickets on Mystery Hall's lottery.
Furnishing Lottery TicketFurnishing Lottery Ticketx11120You can use these tickets on the Flower Land's lottery.
Furnishing Lottery TicketFurnishing Lottery Ticket12You can use these tickets on the Flower Land's lottery.
Picnic BasketPicnic Basket 6Invite up to 7 others for a picnic in the forest. Cannot be used at night.
Ihm BondIhm Bond10Speak to an ihm while holding this to become friends.
Heart CandyHeart Candy3Eat it to change your personality. Can be used on friends.
Magical MakeupMagical Makeup40Change your or a friend's appearance. One-time use.
PassportPassport8Needed when issuing a character's immigration password.
SP Shard[SP] Shard60Used to strengthen weapons. Strong effect but still cheap.
Soul MateSoul Mate50Use before battle; increases ATK, DEF, and HP by 50%.
Moderate Health PotionModerate Health Potion5Restore party's HP by 40%.
Large Health PotionLarge Health Potion12Completely restore party's HP.
Hourglass of RemorseHourglass of Remorse25Rewind time after being defeated in battle.
Full ChargeFull Charge20Charge SP gauge by 100%. Only effective in current dungeon.
Half Time ChargeHalf Time Charge15Replenish time skip gauge by 12 times.
Full Time ChargeFull Time Charge30Replenish time skip gauge by 24 times.
Ability Lv Booster 25Lv. Booster 2535Ability levels increase by 25 levels for 1 stage.
Bond of CourageBond of Courage ×1030Take all dungeon party members to the next stage.
Battle Repellent MaxBattle Repellent MAX20Evade all battles except special battles for 1 stage.
Trap BreakerTrap Breaker20Evade all traps for 1 stage.
Balsala Flash TubeBalsala Flash Tube ×520Wipe out all enemies during battle. Cannot be used on bosses.
Golden RamsalaGolden Ramsala125A desert spice that boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 100,000.
Passion of DesertPassion of the Desert5Perfume from a mysterious country. Charms the opposite sex.
Birth EggBirth Egg30Use to bear your first child only, even if elderly.
Lest FlowerLest Flower25A divine flower that allows a couple to pray for their child to be a certain gender.
Unripe FruitUnripe Fruit40Speak to your partner while holding this to break up.
Flame of PassionFlame of Passion40Speak to a taken person while holding this to make them single.
Royal DisguiseRoyal Disguise40Work/explore as the King. Ends the day after use.
Costume KingCostume (King)40Allows children to explore and work as the king. Disappears the day after it's worn.
Imperial Knight DisguiseImperial Knight Disguise25Work/explore as an Imperial Knight. Ends the day after use.
Mountain Corps DisguiseMountain Corps Disguise25Work/explore as the Mountain Corps. Ends the day after use.
Scholars Assoc DisguiseScholars' Assoc. Disguise25Work/explore as a scholar. Ends the following day.
Farming Society DisguiseFarming Society Disguise20Work as a farm manager. Ends the day after use.
Costume Farmer Farmer Trial 20Allows children to work with the rights of a farmer. Disappears the day after it's worn.
Warp Stone-0Warp Stone20Register your current location to return instantly via warp.
Character SlotCharacter Slot100Add another character slot (up to 7).
Divine BlessingDivine Blessing60Allows you to have a maximum of 5 [Enchantments] at once.
Gryphs Divine BoltGryph's Divine Bolt30Use this to automatically best your opponent. Cannot be used outside of the Battle Arena.
Unlimited Arena TicketUnlimited Arena Ticket x2030One ticket allows you one arena battle. This ticket has no time limit.
Seething Crystal BeadSeething Crystal Bead x316Use this before an arena battle to double your strength and defense in your next battle!
Devine Pearl Devine Pearl15A magic item that makes copies of Enchantments and allows them to be freely equipped and removed.
Additional Warp SlotsAdditional Warp Slots50 Increases warp slots up to a MAX of 20.
Friend BinderFriend Binder x1050Add another friend slot (10 slots per purchase).
AmberAmber x2010Limited time sale.
1) From after the maintenance on October 9th, 2018 to until October 22nd, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
2) From after the maintenance on November 27th, 2018 to until December 10th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
3) From after the maintenance on December 11th, 2018 to until December 24th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.

Deluxe ServiceEdit

"Deluxe Service" is an extended function of time limit. When you purchase a Deluxe Card from a paid item shop, you can use the extended function.

ItemGemsEffect time / Real time
Deluxe Card Deluxe Card12030 days (720 hours).
7 Days Deluxe Card 7 Days Deluxe Card407 days (168 hours).


Features Edit

Harvest All / Tend to All Edit

New buttons "Harvest All" and "Tend to All" have been added to the "Field Management" screen. These buttons are very useful for when you want to look after your crops or harvest any produce that is ready for harvesting. Tap on these buttons to tend to them, or harvest them, in one single operation.

Auto Collecting Edit

When you gather or mine while the Deluxe Service is active, the character will continue gathering or mining for you automatically. If a monster appears while gathering, Auto-Combat will be initiated.

  • When a battle ends, or when someone speaks to your character, you will need to press a button.

Automatic gathering will be ended in the following situations.

  • There is nothing left to gather in the area
  • The items gathered have exceeded your inventory limit
  • The character has moved to a different area
  • The player has tapped the screen to stop automatic gathering
  • The Deluxe Service active period has ended

Changing costumes from the "Character Details" screen Edit

You can change your charachter's costume from the new "Costume" button in the "Character Details" screen.
Thanks to this, your friends will be able to check out your new outfits and costume changes.

Incubator Edit

Allows crops to grow in real time.

Meaning, crops will grow even when you are not playing the game. This allows you to harvest crops with very little in-game time being wasted.

Furnishing Edit

Allows you to furnish the home of close friends or family within the kingdom.

Auto Explore Edit

Automatically go through a dungeon stage without having to manually stop for traps or treasures.

Divine Bolt and Bladestorm Edit

When you defeat a Bagwell in the Bagwell Forest, you will have a small chance of earning special AoE attacks.

New Dungeons Edit

View Dungeons for more info

Bagwell Forest

  • Only those with the tile of 'Dragoon' and the current ruling monarch may enter.

Vorugo Forest

  • Any adult or child may enter.

Hellfire Lair

  • Suitable for both adults and children alike, and you can even invite your friends to take on the challenge with you.

Sunken Ruins

  • Suitable for both adults and children alike, and you can even invite your friends to take on the challenge with you.

Perks: Edit

  1. Better Content from Daily Login (ex. two muscle hall lottery tickets).
  2. Summon Phomos for 30 min (25 min longer)
  3. Ability to plant in all flowerbeds.
  4. Pet Ihm/Dungeon exploration with Ihm.
  5. Able to wear different costumes/accessories.
  6. Have an advantage in enhancing weapons (multiple shards per slot).
  7. Caravan Shop delivery time is cut in half.
  8. Warp Magic is free
  9. Detailed Family Tree
  10. Guiding butterfly can be utilized to track anyone from within Resident Registry.
  11. By using Passwords, you can have other users' PC as travelers in your kingdom/server.
  12. You will be able to change clothes on the characters registered in your "Character Slots"
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