Obtaining Edit

Fishing Edit

The easiest method to obtain River Gazo is by fishing at any location. It is not a seasonal fish, so you can try to catch it at any time of the year.

If you need River Gazo, the best baits to use would be Anything Bait, River King Getz, or River Pro HG. You can also catch it with other baits, but the chances are much lower.

Receiving from Others Edit

Though a rare occurrence, citizens who are friends, close friends, dear friends, or family members (excluding babies) may approach you and offer River Gazo. Accepting yields one River Gazo and improves your relationship. The ingredient they offer is random, however, so if you need River Gazo, it's not recommended to rely on this method.

Cooking Edit

River Gazo is used in 4 recipes, making it a relatively useful ingredient. Click here for a list of all recipes.

Food Sale Price Ingredients Profit EXP Boosts
Gazo pasta
Gazo Pasta 26 1 River Gazo
1 Gheat Flour
3 15 Speed
0 Strength
0 Spirit
Gazo sandwich
Gazo Sandwich 31 1 Bread
1 River Gazo
3 10 Speed
10 Strength
10 Spirit
Cabba salad
Cabba Salad 50 1 Yellow Cabba
1 River Gazo
7 25 Speed
0 Strength
0 Spirit
Steamed gazo
Steamed Gazo 44 1 River Gazo
1 Pom wine
1 10 Speed
10 Strength
10 Spirit

Quests Edit

River Gazo is required to complete 1 quest. This quest is a one-time fishing quest with Miara, and so river Gazo is not very useful in terms of quests.

Title Quest Description Requester Objectives Reward
Deliver a River Gazo If you catch a river gazo,
deliver it to Miara in the library.
Miara 1 River Gazo 4 Mirage X
30 bea

Other Uses Edit

Making Money Edit

Depending on your job, whether you should deliver your River Gazo to a Supply House or sell it directly to a shop varies. River Gazo is worth 13 Work Points and 18 bea, so if your salary gives WPx2 or more, you should deliver it, and if it gives less, you should sell it. Click here to figure out how much your salary gives.

Giving to Others Edit

Much like how citizens can give you River Gazo, you have the option to do the same to them. To do this, hold River Gazo in your hands and talk to a friend, close friend, dear friend, or family member (excluding babies) and select the "Give Ingredients" option. Doing this makes the offer to give River Gazo, and if they accept, you'll give one 1 River Gazo and your relationship will improve. If they refuse, you can always try again. When accepting, adults and children will have different reactions:

  • Adults will thank you and say you saved them a lot of trouble
  • Children will simply thank you
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