Time Skip

The Time Skip Gauge is a function that allows you to skip time in the kingdom at any given time. Each time you use one, the time goes up to the next bar, no matter what the time you use it.

The order is 1 MT->1 AT->1 ET->1 NT->1 MT.

Therefore, it'll take 5 units to skip a whole day.

It has a total of 24 units. After a full use, it takes a half hour to recover one unit, and 12 hours to fully recover all 24. The only time you can skip time without the gauge decreasing is by sleeping. However, when you sleep, there will be no auto action and no benefits, aside from skipping time.

Auto ActionsEdit

During the period that is skipped, your character will perform a random action that benefits you in some way.

  • I explored a dungeon and earned 10 Adventure Points! Main Parameters increased by 20!
  • I enjoyed talking with people on the road. Maybe there will be a change in my friends?
  • I worked hard and earned 200 Bea! Main Parameters increased by 10!
  • Working and earning Work Points.
  • I took a rest! I feel great!
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