There are three kinds of weapons in the game: Swords, Axes, and Maguns. You receive a starter weapon of each kind at the beginning and you can get more weapons by buying them from shops, receiving them as loot from boss monsters, or attaining certain titles. Weapon rating ranges from 1★ to 5★. Weapons with higher ratings tend to be much stronger and are more difficult to obtain.

Weapon Types Edit

There are 4 different types of weapons, each one with its strengths and weaknesses.

  1. One-handed weapons are your basic, balanced weapons. They're easy to use and are adaptable to different situations.
  2. Two-handed weapons are extremely powerful, but leave you with very little defense. They're great if your strategy is to defeat your opponent(s) in one or two rounds. Make sure to bring healing items and trap sensors when adventuring.
  3. Dual-wield weapons have low attack power, but compensate by being able to use dual attacks. They also have a decent amount of defense. They're good for continued combat, but are very weak against opponents with high defense.
  4. Defensive weapons have very high defense, which greatly reduces the damage you receive from attacks and traps. Their low attack power means you'll often need a friend to adventure with you, but they're pretty good for duels, especially against opponents with low defense.

Weapon Affinity Edit

Each kind of weapon has an affinity with a basic stat, increasing your experience gain for that stat when you use that weapon. Each weapon also has a combat advantage against another weapon, granting you an attack bonus. Taking advantage of this affinity can help you level up faster and defeat opponents more easily.

Weapon Main Stat Strong Against Best Place to Train
Sword Speed Axe Forest dungeons
Axe Strength Magun Cave dungeons
Magun Spirit Sword Ruins dungeons

Weapon enhancement Edit

Please check Enhance Weapon for details.

Weapon List Edit

The weapons in the two versions are largely the same, except some of them have differing locations, as well as some weapons being unique to one version or the other.

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