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White Night is an event that comes to Elnea Kingdom once every four years.

Elnea Cup Tournament Edit

The Elnea Cup tournament is held at this time. The four highest ranking members of each military organization (Mountain Corps, Scholars Association, and Imperial Guardsmen) are automatically selected to participate.

The four members from each military branch are as follows (check Tournaments for more detailed information):

Roselle Imperial Knights: Imperial Knight Captain and the 3 Imperial Knights.

Mt CorpsCorps General and the 3 Corps Captains.

Scholars: Scholar Guru and the 3 Scholars.

The final match, on the 18th, will decide the champion. The winner of the cup earns the title 'Hero' and on the 21st, the champion faces the Bagwell.

The tournaments for knights and mountain corps are not held during White Night year.

Gibbles Edit

Gibbles are sold in The Tavern.

  • Sales period: from 1st to 4th.
  • Refund period: from 22nd to 29th.

Gibble allows you to place bets on who you think will win the Elnea Cup Tournament. If the person you bet on wins, you get payed the amount you bet multiplied by that person's odds of winning. You can bet on multiple people as well.

For example: if you bought 600 gibble for person #6 and their odds are 13.24, you would get about 7,944 bea if they win.

Phomos Edit

Summoning Phomos will last for one hour during the holiday.

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