Work points determine how much pay you will receive at the pay day at the end of each year. They also determine your promotion to the next rank in some jobs.

You get work points by completing certain quests and performing work activities. Some goods can be traded for work points at the warehouses.

Note: You may only earn up to 99,999 work points every year.

General Activities Edit

Activity WP
Fishing 1
Mining 1
Bush Gathering 1
Mushroom Gathering 1
Plant seed 1
Tend Crops 1
Harvest Crops 1
Shear Moff 1

Job Specific Activities Edit

Farmer Symbol

Farmer Edit

You do not receive WP for making curds; you must place them on the aging shelf or deliver them to the storehouse to gain WP. Curds are worth more WP when placed upon the aging shelf than when delivered to the storehouse.

Activity WP
Milking 2
Pick up Feed 1
Place Feed 25
Pick up manure (Rudder Pie) 100
Place Curds 15 per regular curd
30 per HQ curd
Harvest Pom Fruit (Pom fruit harvest only) 18
Take out Wheat seeds (wheat planting day only) 2
Place Wheat seeds (wheat planting day only) 2
Deliver Gheat wheat Bundles 2 per regular bundles
3 per Large Bundles

Mountain Corps Edit

Mountain Corp Symbol
You do not receive WP for making Forge Crafted Items; you must deliver them to a storehouse in order to gain WP.
Activity WP
Mine Ore 2
Smelt Ore 1/2
Deliver Forge Crafted Items
Iron Bar 13
Steel Pipe 17
Sheet Iron 21
Silver Plate 25
Iron Sword 30
Sheet Steel 30
Steel Sword 41
Gold Goblet 44
Terrom Bracelet 98
Perfume Bottle 149
Silver Teapot 182
Ruby Box 296
Jewel Box 345
Sapphire Decanter 409
Sapphire Censer 695
Terrom Cutlery 742
Terrom Defense Weapon 821
Rainbow Navigation Lamp 1366

Scholar Edit

Scholar Symbol
You do not receive WP for making Medicines/Dyes; you must deliver them to a storehouse in order to gain WP.
Activity WP
Gathering (from logs) 2
Deliver Medicine/Dye
Dadan Extract 15
Topin Powder 20
Garang Paste 46
Ignis Red 71
Inber Blue 96

Priest Edit

Priest Symbol
You do not receive WP for making Perfumes; you must deliver them to a storehouse in order to gain WP.
Activity WP
Picking Flowers 2
Deliver Perfume
_ _ _ _ Extract Bottle 3
Fine _ _ _ _ Extract Bottle 4
_ _ _ _ Extract 11
_ _ _ _ Essence 18

Knight Edit

You do not receive WP for making Fabric; you must deliver it to a storehouse in order to gain WP.
Knight Symbol
Activity WP
Shearing Moffs 2
Deliver Fabric
Moff Wool Fabric 5
Fine Moff Fabric 10

It should also be noted that mining, shearing, or gathering from logs will not give work points if a monster is encountered.


Your salary is based on your Work Points (WP) and Adventure Points (AP); though your salary will vary depending on what job position you hold. You will receive your salary on the morning of the 29th. Only your Work Points and Adventure Points from the 1st to the 28th will factor into your salary. Several jobs also give a fixed salary bonus (1k = 1000 bea).

Position Salary Calculation
Citizen 1.2 * WP
Farming Association
Association Manager (2.5 * WP) + 2.5k
Association Supervisor (2.75 * WP) + 5k
Association Deputy Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Association Rep. (3.0 * WP) + 10k
Roselle Imperial Knights
Imperial Cavalry (1.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP) + 10k
Imperial Knight (1.1 * WP) + (6.0 * AP) + 15k
Imperial Knight Captain (1.0 * WP) + (8.0 * AP) + 20k
Dhorme Mountain Corps
Corps Soldier (2.5 * WP) + (2.0 * AP)
Corps Captain (2.2 * WP) + (4.0 * AP)
Corps Advisor no salary change
Corps General (2.0 * WP) + (5.0 * AP)
Galphin Scholar Association
Musketeer (1.2 * WP) + (4 * AP)
Scholar (1.1 * WP) + (6 * AP)
Scholar Guru (1.0 * WP) + (8 * AP)
Temple Work
M. Acolyte/F. Acolyte (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Priest/Curate (1.0 * WP) + 40k
Royal Family
Prince/Princess (1.2 * WP) + 20k
Prince/Princess Consort (1.0 * WP) + 40k
King/Queen (1.0 * WP) + 100k

Items Edit

Screenshot 20190115-193931

Many items are obtained through various types of work in the Kingdom of Elnea. These items can be traded at a warehouse for work points.

  • You will receive more bea at the end of the year from trading items for work points rather than selling them to one of the shops for all items except for silver, gold, some fish, and fossils, (for these items the Work Points value may be higher or lower depending on your job, see the chart below for more info.)
  • Some items which cannot be sold to the shops may be traded for work points also.
  • These items can be sorted from other items by selecting the 'delivered goods' category in your rucksack.

For a full list of delivered items visit: Held_Items:_Delivered_Goods

WP Items Chart Edit

To answer the question: 'Is it worth more to sell it, or to deliver it?'

This is a chart showing a list of items which may be delivered with a sale value higher than their WP value.

If your job is anything in the Farming Society or the Mountain Corps then all items are more valuable as WP than when sold to the shops; (with one notable exception for Corps Generals: Half Beast Skull*.)

If you are a Citizen, 1st level Scholar, 1st level Knight, Acolyte, or Prince/Princess Then all of the items in the chart below other than Veras are worth more when sold to the shops.

If your job is any other than the ones already mentioned then all of the items in the list below are more valuable when sold to the shops than when traded for WP.

Item Sale Price WP x 1 WP x 1.1 WP x 1.2 WP x 2
Entz 10 8 8.8 9.6 16
Veras 8 7 7.7 8.4 14
River Gazo 18 13 14.3 15.6 26
Buzzarn 40 26 28.6 31.2 52
Rowna 100 60 66 72 120
Shinzo 18 13 14.3 15.6 26
Rago 22 16 17.6 19.2 32
Bahna 21 15 16.5 18 30
Popago 20 14 15.4 16.8 28
Large Crustacean? 150 87
Emperor Fish? 160 93
Flat Crustacean? 180 103
Giant Fish? 250 141
Blue Crustacean?
Dragon Fish?
Entz (Floral)
Entz (Star)
Entz (Heart)
Entz (Ena)
Entz (Ihm)
Ores, Fossils, and Relics
Silver 5 4 4.4 4.8 8
Gold 10 6 6.6 7.2 12
Cursus Lizard Fossil
Procul Crucis Fossil
Magna Fish Fossil
Half-beast Torso
Half-beast Skull 600 294 *588
Ancient Beast Skull
Ancient Beast Legs
Ancient Beast Torso
Bagwell Skull
Bagwell Torso
Bagwell Wings
Desert Rose
Thunder Egg Stone
Snow Stone
Raw Magic Mineral
Relic Mask
Broken Trinket

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